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Message to South Africa’s opposition: forget about Zuma, remember your voters

South Africa’s opposition parties have been busy of late. Busy looking for Jacob Zuma. They’ve looked high, and low, and tried every trick in the book to seek him out. Opposition politicians want Zuma to appear in parliament so they can ask … Continue reading

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Southern Africa: haven for dominant party states

Southern Africa provides fertile ground for dominant political parties, many of whom have been around for longer than most of their citizens have been alive. The ANC in South Africa has enjoyed an unbroken 20 year spell in power since the … Continue reading

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First Post

This blog explores some themes related to the state of democracy in today’s world. In both established and developing democracies, citizens are asking some difficult questions. Can democracy deliver? What role do our elected governments actually play in a time goliath multinational companies stalk the … Continue reading

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