About this blog

This blog explores the state of democracy in today’s world.

In both established and developing democracies, citizens are asking some difficult questions.

Can democracy deliver?

What role do our elected governments actually play in a time of growing inequality?

What can international and regional bodies do to create a more equitable, rules-based world?

But most of all, people are asking:

Can they – the ordinary punter – do anything to reclaim the power that is weilded by so few over so many?

Activists from Tunis to Hong Kong have shown us that the days of people power are far from over. But autocratic pushbacks have pulled the rug out from under many of these movements.

Over the past few years, I have written the occassional article and blog post on human rights, democracy, regionalism and civil society.

This blog collects some of those pieces and will be the platform for new ones. Although the focus of the articles varies widely, the broad themes covered are:

-the need for reconnection by our leaders and governments with the opinions of the electorate.

-citizen and technology-driven innovation in the democracy space.

-beyond elections: what does active citizenship actually mean?


Cathal Gilbert is Coordinator of the CIVICUS Monitor: https://monitor.civicus.org



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